Simplicity of a home exercise plan (HEP) will ensure compliance.  In my experience, most patients will falter with their HEP after a short time.  The trunk stability program that I have developed for Spine Health and Trunk Stability has been the most accepted and patient compliant program that I have seen in many years.

Education is the first component and of utmost importance to ensure compliance.  Once the patient understands how this system works, they will follow it.  In my experience with this program, once the patient notes an overall feeling of comfort and well being from doing the very simple exercises, they continue.  I have heard many times, “I am not sure what is doing it but I feel I can breathe better, I am not so short of breath, my neck feels better and so does my back.”.  It is a very simple but patient compliant program.

In numerous classes for this seminar, I find countless Therapists with their own issues with breathing, diaphragm dysfunction and core weakness.  I had a PT who stated that she could plank all day and her core wasn’t weak.  On evaluation, she was unable to do the simple stage one of the program.  Her eyes were opened and she was going to add these simple steps to her own personal program.

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