Breathing Essentials: Athletic Performance

The Keys to Performance Success

Have you ever wondered why your legs are exhausted and you are tight as a drum after a long training run or competition?


  • Are you looking for faster times and fewer injuries?   
  • What is the true core?
  • Do you want to dominate your next race?
  • What is good posture and how can you apply it to your sport?

Join Debra Dent, a world-known Physiotherapist in this 2.5-hour seminar learning how to breathe correctly and learning to improve your Athletic Performance and your posture.  This research-backed seminar will give you the tools to improve your breathing, muscle length, and posture.


If we don’t breathe properly, the rib cage can be altered and dysfunctional, with poor rotation and poor breathing patterns. This can markedly affect athletic performance. Our diaphragm functions in posture and respiration and if it becomes fatigued with heavy breathing brought on by exercise, it can alter our circulation to the extremities as well as the control of our trunk. Constriction of blood flow to the extremities can cause cramping and fatigue.


Dysfunction of the respiratory system, trunk muscle imbalances, core inhibition, weakness, tight IT bands, and loss of trunk rotation, all have significant effects on posture, trunk stability, and performance.


  • Discover the correct core.
  • Learn what will inhibit the core and how to facilitate an inhibited or delayed core.
  • Discover your core and improve your trunk stability by improving the function of the diaphragm and the other three vital core muscles.
  • Learn the causes of leg fatigue, and constant tightness of hamstrings and back muscles in the athlete.
  • Follow the Rules of the Road given in this course for better athletic performance.

Come join Debra and learn.

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