Core Stability 201

Core Stability 201:

Foundation Form Function

Core stability is the new lucrative trend in Rehab and Sports Industry but what is the actual core according to the new evidence?

  • What are the anatomical integrations of muscle, fascia, neural and emotional components that are
    involved in efficient trunk stability?
  • Why are our patients tight, stiff, or collapsing?
  • Why are so many of our athletes in significant dysfunction?

This seminar is heavily evidence based on multiple theories on the core and the overriding effects of the global muscle
groups, the latest studies on respiration and the diaphragm, and its far-ranging effects on
the trunk. Dysfunction of the respiratory complex, trunk muscular imbalances, muscular
inhibition and weakness, myofascial restrictions, all have significant effects on posture
and trunk stability.

Multiple lab videos in this seminar will deal with muscle length evaluations, core
evaluation, respiratory facilitation and a functional core training program that can be
utilized with heavily involved patients right up to and including performance athletes.

This seminar will enable the student to connect the negative effects of dysfunction of the
diaphragm and the dysfunctional core to specific pathologies and generate answers on the
management of these pathologies.

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Core Stability for PTA
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Core Stability for Chiropractors
Core stability for OT
Core stability for COTA
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A very good and informative course, presented in a clear and organized fashion.  Thank you.

Chiropractic Doctor
New Survey Results for Core Stability 201
How I would rate the course just Taken: excellent
 Do you feel the educational objectives for this course were met? yes
 Would I take another online course from this instructor yes
 How many hours of online CE do I plan on taking this year 6 – 10
 Would I recommend a friend to yes
 Did you find the site easy to use?: Yes
 The Online format is appropriate for the material presented?: Strongly Agree
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