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Cranio-Cervical Stability Testing for Manual Clinicians: The Definitive Guide

As a manual clinician, have you ever worried that a patient may have specific damage to the cervical spine including the craniovertebral joints? A car accident, a fall, or maybe an infection is at fault? How do you deal with this patient?

Hip Pain: Causes and Differential Diagnosis

Hip Pain: Causes and Differential Diagnosis is a three-hour seminar that utilizes current evidence-based practice and is a detailed, comprehensive summary of multiple reasons for hip and buttock pain. It looks at hip pain and dysfunction from the anterior, lateral, and posterior aspects. Hip Pain: Causes and Differential Diagnosis incorporates everything from serious pathology and statin muscle involvement to lumbar, Sacro Iliac, and hip pathologies. By applying the current research, this seminar is highly relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of hip dysfunction.

Just Breathe 101 Essential Details for Breathing Management

Just Breathe 101 is a comprehensive examination of the function of breathing on the human body and actions for the management of dysfunction. The information presented in this seminar series ultimately will be become necessary tools for the clinician, in recognizing and developing strategies for alleviating Breathing Pattern Disorders. It is imperative that normal breathing patterns are retrained and maintained for spine health and overall patient wellbeing.

Challenging concepts were explained very clearly. Good logical flow of information made it easier to follow and understand


Physical Therapist

Debra Dent BPT Dip Manip PT OCS (Emeritus) FCAMPT (Retired)

Debra Dent is a Physical Therapist with 40 plus years of experience specializing in manual therapy of the spine.

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