cropped-Northern-Sunset.jpgWhy am I doing this?  I am ready to retire after nearly 40 years of practice so why am I spending hours developing seminars, writing websites and marketing.  Because I hear too many of my patients say,”I have never had Therapy like this before, why don’t other Therapists do this?”  In my last few years of practice, my goal is to spread the word and teach.  I feel I have something to offer after 40 years and a Fellowship (FCAMPT-retired).  I have great hands and feel I can teach others this gift.  It is a gift to be able to palpate individual spinal joints and determine if it feels “right” or not.

I love to teach.  It is a passion of mine and I feel small classes are most effective for learning and being able to teach the finer points of manual therapy.   That is what it is “Manual Therapy”.  It is the gift of touch that must be learnt with continued practice but must be taught correctly.

Class sizes are under 20 students.

Come learn with us.


Debra Dent BPT, Dip Manip PT, OCS (Emeritus) , FCAMPT (Retired)