Breathing Essentials: Breathing Pattern Disorders

Altered breathing patterns brought on by life, stress, pain, and injury can alter the biochemistry of the blood system and produce negative effects on the health of the body.  Faulty breathing patterns are rarely looked at as being a possible cause of spinal dysfunctions as well as propagating continued pain patterns in fibromyalgia, somatic dysfunctions, neck pain, and upper extremity pain. 


In this course, you will learn the effects of altered breathing patterns, what somatic dysfunctions are, the effect of an overriding autonomic nervous system, and paradoxical breathing.  You will also learn what happens when the diaphragm goes into dysfunction and when altered breathing patterns alter the biomechanics of your cervical spine, shoulders, and lower back.  This course deals with the details of the physiology and biomechanics of poor breathing patterns.  Again everything is evidence-based on studies from the research.


There will be a breathing exercise section as well as breathing exercises interspersed throughout the course to demonstrate ways to change your breathing.



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