Why Do This?

Why am I doing this?  I am ready to retire after 37 years of practice so why am I spending hours developing seminars, writing websites and marketing.  Because I hear too many of my patients say,”I have never had Therapy like this before, why don’t other Therapists do this?”  In my last few years of […]

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Simplicity of a home exercise plan (HEP) will ensure compliance.  In my experience, most patients will falter with their HEP after a short time.  The trunk stability program that I have developed for Spine Health and Trunk Stability has been the most accepted and patient compliant program that I have seen in many years. Education

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What is a Fellowship?

What is a Fellowship in Manual Therapy? It is an educational program that meets the standards of the I International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists (IFOMPT). There are two IFOMPT accredited programs in Canada: The Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Orthopaedic Division’s courses as well as the University of Western Ontario’s Masters of Clinical Science Degree in

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