Predatory Journals

What are Predatory Journals?

As a health professional, you live and work in an evidence-based practice era.  In order for health professionals to utilize information from research, we must be able to access the research. A few years ago, most journal articles had to be purchased or you were required to subscribe to the journal. Over the past few years, there has been a flood of open access (OA)  journals into the research system.  The only problem with this is, some of these open access journals are less than acceptable.

I have been doing an incredible amount of research on the update of my new seminar and book that I am writing.   I seem to spend more time evaluating the credibility of a journal than reading it, it seems. There are a number of distinguished sites that give their opinion of predatory journals and I have linked them to this post for your information.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Think Science

The Scholarly Kitchen

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