Just Breathe 101: Altered Breathing Patterns Objectives

Just Breathe 101: Altered Breathing Patterns

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Just Breathe 101: Altered Breathing Pattern Disorders and Their Consequences
The Influence of the Thorax and Respiration.
An Evidence Based Practice solution.

Objectives:  The attendee, at the end of the seminar will be able to:

  1. Describe the function of the diaphragm as it relates to posture, muscular relations and stability of the spine

2. Evaluate respiratory dysfunction in relation to musculoskeletal issues

3. Evaluate shortened fascial and muscular aspects

4. Evaluate postural deviations and perform techniques to correct them through functional diaphragmatic breathing techniques and correct core facilitation

5. Describe pathologies related to less than optimal respiratory function

6. Demonstrate effective techniques to alter respiratory patterns and trunk core stability

7. Inform their patient population about breathing pattern disorders and empower the patient to be more involved in their recovery and maintenance of their issues

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